12 Step Programs

12 Step programs may benefit someone with a substance or behavior addiction by seeing others who have changed their lives for the better, and who have empathy and understanding for those who want the same for themselves. Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-Step programs offer a space for those who want to change old behaviors and live a life of recovery.  There is no cost to be a part of a 12-Step program, only a desire to change. 12-Step programs offer self-help materials, support meetings, social activities and gatherings, and the guidance of a Sponsor who has worked the 12-Steps and is living in recovery. There are many types of 12 Step programs for both substance and behavioral addictions.

Addiction Counseling

Counseling is unique in that it is individualized to the meet the needs of the client. Counseling also allows a safe space in which one can disclose and discuss issues which may feel to too sensitive to share with others. A big part of the counseling process includes the development of a therapeutic relationship between the counselor and client, and one in which trust between both allows for growth. The benefits of counseling can include learning the coping skills and interventions needed to decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression, while bringing about a more fulfilling satisfied life and one in which recovery is possible.

Can I be a part of a 12 Step Program and see a counselor at the same time?

When deciding to work with an addiction counselor its important to mention if you are planning to be a part of a 12-Step program as this can be a part of the treatment planning process with the goal of having continued support outside of counseling sessions. While some people may decide on individual counseling versus a 12 Step program, it’s important to learn about the benefits of both before deciding if one is better than the other.

12 Step Programs:


Ready to Begin?

The decision to continue exploring your addiction recovery alongside a therapist is a big one, and if you’re ready to make that decision, Marin Family Recovery is here to support and celebrate this choice. If you would like to learn more about recovery resources and therapy services available from Marin Family Recovery, please reach out.