Individual Addiction Recovery Therapy

Individual Therapy for California & Colorado residents.

Reaching out for help to better understand addiction and how it might be playing out in your story is a huge first step for anyone to take. Please take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate this.

Sometimes our personal journey is daunting, especially if it isn’t as clear as point A to point B. Perhaps you were once going in the B direction, but somehow, you found yourself out in Z land. Having another set of eyes on the road can lend support for moving in the direction you wish to go. When addiction is added to the mix, there are so many obstacles and blind spots, it’s what AA refers to as the “cunning and baffling nature of addiction”

If recovery from addiction was easy, we would not be seeing the epidemic we see today. Individual therapy helps to map out the way forward, healing wounds that may disrupt this path, and offers tools to help steady the continued journey. Just know you are not alone and you certainly don’t have to figure this out alone. Having a co-pilot that is safe, direct, compassionate, and supportive on your team helps give you back the control of your life, so you can steer in the direction of your true solution.

Ready to Begin?

The decision to continue exploring your addiction recovery alongside a therapist is a big one, and if you’re ready to make that decision, Marin Family Recovery is here to support and celebrate this choice. If you would like to learn more about recovery resources and therapy services available from Marin Family Recovery, please reach out.