Online Addiction Recovery Therapy for
Residents of California and Colorado

We continue to experience a great deal as a culture navigating COVID-19.

During Shelter in Place, out of necessity, we familiarized ourselves with virtual video and audio conferencing technology. Applications like Zoom, helped us to connect with our loved ones, as well as transition to working and attending school online.

Marin Family Recovery has been providing online therapy to their clients well before COVID-19 deemed it a necessity for safety. Since COVID-19, we learned there are many advantages to online sessions that we couldn’t previously have known prior to shelter in place.

While located in San Rafael, CA, Marin Family Therapy offers online therapy to residents across California and Colorado

Advantages of Online Therapy

Online therapy commences in a client’s comfort zone. Curling up with your pet while in session is now a possibility. Remaining in your safe room after the session finishes to integrate or decompress is now available. A person does not have to meet the public or the traffic after going to vulnerable places moments earlier. This can support more exploration of areas that may have seemed otherwise too vulnerable to open during in person therapy.

The computer or tablet or phone app is no longer intimidating to those who received good practice while visiting with loved ones over Zoom. And, although the online connection cannot replace an in-person energy exchange, connection is still possible without all of the commute stressors, time off from work, traffic, finding parking, etc.

Therapists are offered a glimpse into the safe zone of their clients, therapists go to their client vs the client going to their therapist, and clients are given the opportunity to walk in stride with their therapist throughout their daily living.

Most importantly, online therapy allows the client to show up effortlessly, less distracted from their commute, increasing the possibility of consistent weekly attendance.


Online Therapy for California Residents


Online Therapy for Colorado Residents

Ready to Begin?

The decision to continue exploring your addiction recovery alongside a therapist is a big one, and if you’re ready to make that decision, Marin Family Recovery is here to support and celebrate this choice. If you would like to learn more about recovery resources and therapy services available from Marin Family Recovery, please reach out.